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“Sandra Nystrom limns mountainous vistas in a romantic realist style, lending vast spaces and intimate charm by virtue of her cool color harmonies and a restrained painterliness, that melds all the surfaces of her compositions into a unified whole. Nystrom’s “Distant Sky” is especially inviting, with its winding paths that carry the eye over the rhythmically rolling hills leading to curvy configurations of mountains and clouds.”

Gallery & Studio

“Sandra Nystrom, on the other hand, simplifies natural forms to a degree approaching abstraction, even as she evokes trees, hills, and other elements of the landscape convincingly, in her painting “Pond View.” Nystrom presents us with a vista of heightened visual sensations and visually rhyming pictorial rhythms, wherein the shimmering pond and fiery pink and orange sky, while not adhering exactly to what the eye perceives, convey and emotional reaction to the scene that brings it to vibrant life.”

Tribeca Trib, Notice of a joint show at the Synagogue for the Arts  Gallery Space

“Combining abstraction with skillful realism, the landscape paintings of Sandra Nystrom reflect the artists’ emotional bond with nature”

Carol Pepper­Cooper, Personal Communication

“. . . I loved your pallette and your use of of abstraction to produce work which was what I call ‘referential’ rather than ‘representational’ and certainly not ‘realistic’. Your choice of a canvas with tooth was just right and your frames are very handsome. Congratulations on a fine show.”